Young Johnny Cleveland (only just qualified for bus pass and heating allowance) is all about musical entertainment and music for dancing, based on 40 years of experience playing keyboard singing with big bands performing in cabaret with many re bookings in various parts of the world including mainland Spain, Majorca, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote Yugoslavia, The Gambia, Northern Ireland, Malta, H.M.Forces all over Germany plus several visits to the USA entertaining holiday audiences in Florida. Many people still recall Johnny joining the 'Chic Applin Band' at Norwich's legendary Norwood Rooms where, from 1968, he was resident for 7 years (3 years as band vocalist and 4 years presenting the 'Johnny Cleveland Trio'). His musical career started in the late fifties at the beginning of the 'group era' and although   much of what he plays these days includes the inevitable 60's up to the more melodic offerings of present day material, Johnny Cleveland's Big Band experience means that he has great affection for and still performs much material from the 'swing era'. Add to all this a love of musical theatre, variety and all types of high quality entertainment, you could call JC jack of all trades. However, far from being master of none, he was once described by a clubland booker as "a master jack of all trades". Currently employed on long term contracts with leading east coast holiday companies, endless functions, dinner dances etc., Johnny Cleveland gets booked well in advance.